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Minutes of Use

Minutes of Use is a 31 foot center console (cape horn) with twin 300 horse power Suzuki engines. The boat name is sometimes confusing since it also the name of the charter company. She is a no-frills fishing boat we used as a personal tournament fishing boat for years before we started the charter business. She is fast and economical with a large fishing deck. The down side is that she has limited shade and a portable head. We ride on bean bags, which are very comfortable, on the trip out and back in to the dock.

This boat is what most of the fishing charters in the area use because they are fast and the most economical. They are perfect for 4-6 hour trips because of the speed and versatility, and the very large fishing area that allows people to spread out while they fish. With 6 fishermen it is not crowded and all 6 are able to fish at the same time and avoid tangled lines.

For longer trips you need to be aware that shade is limited and prepare accordingly as well the head (potty) is a portable. More like tent camping than using a RV.

4 hour trips we generally go after whatever is biting and it is all about having fun catching fish not worrying about a specific species rather focusing on what is close and the bite is hot. With limited time we do not want to spend the time riding, we want to be fishing and catching fish.

6 hour trips (half day) during snapper season we go after limits of snapper then start working on other fish that have been biting. We generally get a limit with a few large snapper and some other fish species. We do not focus on all big fish as we are time limited and want to make sure we get you as many fish as possible up to the limit.

8 hour trips allow the captain time to be more picky about the fish we keep so the average size of what we keep is normally larger. It also allows time to target other fish and expand the adventure.

Minutes of Use is a great family and starter boat because she is open air, fast, and most affordable. Captain Walt loves working with new fishermen and youngsters, getting them hooked on deep sea fishing forever. She is the perfect boat to take the family or group of up to 6 people, and have a private trip with a captain and deck hand focused on your success and enjoyment of the day. There are plenty of fish to catch, the secret is to have fun catching them!!!!

We ask you to bring wipe on sunscreen rather than spray on if at all possible as the spray gets on the floor and makes it very slick. You also need only to bring drinks, snacks, and a camera for pictures. When the trip is over the crew will clean your fish and bag them for you. the deck hand is normally the hardest working guy on the boat helping you with bait, tips on catching, rigging the rods, and all around helping make the trip easier and fun. Tipping the deck hand in customary in the 10-20% range.

Captain Walt will be contacting you before the trip so if you have any questions he will be happy to answer and make sure it is a great trip.

Data Girl

Data-Girl is a 35 foot Cabo Express (sport fisher) with twin 500 horse power caterpillar engines. She is the fastest of the sport fisher charter boats in the area. She is fast and comfortable with plenty shade from the sun, and full head (restroom), airconditioned forward room, and kitchen area. She is fast enough to still do 6 hour (half day) trips, but shines on the 8, 10, and 12 hour trips.

6 hour trips in the morning and afternoon we expect to get a limit of snapper with a few large snapper. Because of the limited time we are not able to jump around and be focused on keeping only the largest trophy type fish. We also catch other fish while we work through getting the limit but this is a fast focused fishing trip, with the all the creature comforts. She is ideal for families and groups needing the full restroom, however she is not as economical because of the fuel used to move the much bigger boat at a fast speed.

8, 10, and 12 hour trips are where Data-Girl shines. She is fast enough to get out to the big fish yet bring comfort along for the ride!! These are the captain’s favorite trips as it allows time to target bigger fish for the box as well as other species of fish. These trips give you time to fish and enjoy the day just soaking up the deep sea adventure. We normally focus on getting a limit of big snapper while mixing in grouper and other off shore species depending on what is migrating through at that time. The captain is normally tuned in on what has the highest probability of keeping the excitement rolling. The best part of the full day trips is there is time to work on big fish and enjoy just being on the water. With plenty shade to take a break, have some lunch, or continue to catch fish like you are mad at them!!!!

We ask you bring on wipe sunscreen rather than spray on as the spray gets the floor slick and makes the deck more hazardous. All you need to bring is drinks, snacks, and a camera for pictures. The captain and deck hand make sure your day is safe, fun, and full of fish catching experience. The deck hand works hard to keep you baited up, rigged up, catching fish, and keeping you comfortable. When we arrive back at the dock the crew will clean and bag your fish for you to take and enjoy. It is customary to tip the deck hand 10-20%.

The captain will be calling or texting you to connect a day or so before the trip to answer any questions and make sure everyone knows where and when to meet up. There are plenty fish in the ocean, it is just about knowing where and how to catch them, and having fun doing it!!!!

Data Girl
Minutes of Use


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